Busy Town
Welcome to Busy Town, USA
Stay social, family friendly in a neighborly way
Give back, donate, volunteer, have fun
Emails and texts answered all day long
Join a church with activities, village events and
check newspaper calendars, find a good dance band
Keep friendships new and light so
when you’re disillusioned no one will know
Make all your choices for your happiness
Fill your plate and avoid the emptiness
of caring that no one puts you first, but you
Don’t try too hard, don’t overdo
Ask yourself about your expectations
when resentment causes complications
Be sure to keep the momentum going
even when life gets tough and disappointing
You’re your own chauffeur, people want to
ride along
They’ll always come, not pitch in or think anything’s wrong
Drive right past you, never offer to pick you up too
It’s always going to be up to you
If you want to see a movie at the theater
best to plan it sooner than later
It’ll disappear from the screen if you wait
most will have seen it, you’ll be too late
It’s not disingenuous to smile
when some forget about you for a while
It’s why you have many groups to choose between
It makes things easier, the hurt less keen
You’ve put others first for too long now
No one likes a crabby person to hang around
A best friend doesn’t exist here
People pleasing collectors are always near
So suck it up, don’t complain and keep busy
Spin around Busy Town, lose the lonely in the dizzy

© Jodi A