More Than Halfway There
More Than Halfway There

By R.

As world awaits world
And my final pen
Who knows
What I will see then?

A bath of light?
The glow of twin moons?
Flowers dancing
To exquisite tunes?

This mortal coil
Will rise through air
I'm more than halfway there

I used to try to understand
The allusive plan
The promised land

I sought for such
A perfect place
To satisfy
The human race.

But satisfaction
Found I not

In my own folly I was caught

My goal is effemeral as air
And I'm more than halfway there

Expunge the hostilities
In my heart

Make my
The Ends
End with sparks

Ignore my ignorant

Cancel thoughts
And their cancel plans

Correct my uncorrected

Don't tell me what
My failures mean

I don't know why
But I know where

And I'm more than halfway there.
© R Becker