Hold on
Do you feel like you're barely hanging on?
That everything keeps piling on top of you,
The rope is slowly unravelling, it's gonna tear ,
You're just waiting for the inevitable fall.

Yet still you're holding on in the hope of surviving,
Even though the odds are not in your favour,
You're praying to God to come and save you,
But yet you're still left just grasping at thin air.

Then without warning you fall and start drowning.
You're constantly trying to come up
for a breath of air,
But with every wave that crashes down on you
You're pushed deeper beneath the surface.

Until the sunlight becomes only a memory.
Goals turn to the grey area of self doubt.
Voices are the only thing you hear calling in the night.
It seems that there's no hope,
There's no longer a way back from the darkness.
But yet I'm writing this
and I should've died a hundred times.
Hold on, Don't give up. We got this.
Somehow, Someway!
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