Moonlight nights 🌝❤️
''Moonlight nights 🌜❤️
Glowing like a candle 🕯️ in the sky
Lighting up the face of the moon 🌝

The moon looks very beautiful
shining amidst the dark clouds 🌝

The stars are surrounded all around
as it if the stars are dancing towards
the moon ⭐⭐🌜⭐⭐

As if even the stars seems to be
dancing with joy 🌝⭐⭐⭐

Romanticizing the stars ⭐⭐❤️❤️
The Ocean 🌊attracted to the
beauty of the moon 🌝❤️

Glowing in the radiant beauty
and charm
Heavenly moonlight 🌝

As the moon brightens, the waves
slow down to a constant rhythm ❤️

while it's the dark, you can see every
detail, including the white caps of the waves they crased to shore,

As the light hits the water like painter brush, the reflection looks like diamond glistening 💎

Moonlight 🌝

There is no noise, only the sound
of stillness and your heart beating
The air is fresh with a hint of salt,

whenever there is a moonlight nights,
I look at the moon from my balcony 🌝❤️

And I also share something with
the moon 🌝❤️
whatever is going on my heart and mind at that time ,

I have a beautiful smile on my face 😊❤️
And my heart feels at peace ❤️

Moonlight nights is a very pleasant
scene for me 🌝😊❤️

It always fills my heart with beautiful
happiness and peace 🌝😊❤️

© Shama writes ✍️

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