He's OK
Sometimes he's a silent movie,
when the world demands a song.
Melancholy in his madness,
stories in between our walls.

And I'm sorry you're projecting,
all your questions in my direction.
I'll let him share his recollection
and inflections, better than my guessing..

He's OK, he's OK,
I'll keep you posted
if I need your help.
Really, I'm quite capable,
I've loved him
through his hell.
And I know you mean well,
well, I hope that's how
you mean it but
it's stepping on my toes
please go away for now.

What about my life?
When did I, sign up
to be a secretary
for your pleas?
Buried under
worries - I've got
that covered already!

He's OK, he's OK,
I think I say that most of all.
And if it matters,
if I matter,
I was OK,
I was patient,
now I'm not
and it's your fault.

© DanGlyn