Constitutional Reflections: Ambedkar's Legacy
Constitution constituion when it was made,it was made with fullest devotion.
Visionaries like Dr.Ambedkar are revered as father of Indian constitution,
But is one holiday in his name is a correct substitution?
Substitution for thinking minds,who can use human reason to see,where the constution is being dragged,
Are we really working according to the spirit of the constitution ?
Or everything is unnecessarily bragged?
For babasaheb,"cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim",
Rather than a practice,it just remains a claim.
Minds are being washed away by a tide of hatered,
propogandas are working day and night,
Its Ambedkar Jayanti today, and look at country's constitutional plight!
Democratic institutions are nothing today but puppets,
We the people of India are in deep slumber,
Who will give us our wisdom nuggets?
Nuggets to feel,notice and raise our voices,
Mockery of democracy is already shouting loud and we are dumb to such noises
We must unite and save ourselves from this grave situation,
We must not forget principles of Dr B.R. Ambedkar ,
Who drafted our constitution with fullest devotion.
#ambedkarjayanti #consciousness #political
A tribute to Dr.Ambedkar💐

© Haniya kaur