Nightmares That Stand Up Hairs
It could possibly be classed as a case of cause and effect
Or— there may have been a severe emotional disconnect
I'm not sure which— but I've been having nightmares— they have me trapped
I'm not sure into which kind of hellish cycle I have tapped

To what insanity did I incidentally connect?
Every single thing I spot seems to be fairly suspect

See, by and large, I can fall asleep— like most of us are apt
But then suddenly, I find myself in a weird world— unmapped
I do not speak the local lingo— don't know the dialect
I hear screams, yet I can't place them— is it the Doppler effect?

I can't wholly escape— the world has me held— has me enwrapped
The realm is real strange— it feels like its creator may have snapped...

I've theorized— thought perhaps this place has long suffered neglect
Maybe these are the after-effects of the greenhouse effect
As the land is wet— yet all the waterways seem to be chapped
The mountains sullenly squat and the valleys leave the land capped

They have mirrors about, but they refract— they do not reflect
Everything in this existence seems to be a redirect

The adults appear to me to look like they need to be clapped
There are no babies crawling or crying— were they all kidnapped?
Everyone in this reality are suffering defect
I think it's quite possible they're all in need of disinfect

The citizens are all wild— the kept creatures are nicely wrapped
The folks run around nude and the animals are all burlapped

In retrospect— after time spent in my mind to recollect
Not one damned thing there is set to scale, for instance— their insect
Were all at least thrice the size of a toothed whale and iron happed
Yet they were sneering with tiny teeth that were somewhat wide-gapped

The big bastards do not come flying at you at all correct
They move around in ways that nobody would ever expect

To this dream world, I'm unable— I'm unwilling to adapt
It's been a while since I've slept quite tight— since I've nodded or napped
I'd love the opportunity to meet this world's architect
So I can stare in their eye and smite— with all due disrespect...

#nightmaresanddreams #rhyme #wordplay #sleep
© danie_af