He is the one most important of all
who motivates me in my every rise and fall
the one to whom i love the most
who has introduced the world to me as a host

The person from whom i learnt the power of patience
The dearest one, who is the part of all my journey's essence
who has told me that "Everything happens when its time comes"
and with this Mantra, many of my troubles I've overcome

He is the one who cares for me the most
and the one who treats me as a 'dost'
with whom i can fight
who most of the time understands my insight

The one who is calm
From whom i have learnt how react peacefully
The one full of kindness for everyone
Full of mercy he is
He is the one without whom i would be a stupid rather
He is one of my lifelines, my dearest father..😊😊
© Ritu