Solitude's Silence Echoes
In the end, 'tis only I and thoughts untold,
A trap of pain, long after you've strolled.
No love, no friend, as hopes unravel,
A fleeting moment, like whispers in gravel.

If only understanding could weave its thread,
A tapestry of solace where hearts are led.
Within, I sense a different hue,
Scared of solitude, I yearn for a view.

They talk, but can they truly see,
The invisible threads binding me?
Unnoticed, I suffocate, gasping for air,
Feelings wither, in silence I bear.

Am I a cursed puzzle, fragments unspoken,
Already shattered, yet no one has woken.
For once, just once, let negativity part,
And listen to the echoes of my heart.

Cast away hatred, embrace the serene, Find me in the quiet, where words intervene.

© Meda_Tron