The End
I hate to think that this is the end.
So far away from where we begin.
You told me forever is how long you'll stay,
But words lose meaning when you don't mean things you say.

I've told you the truth since the day that we met.
I knew eventually you'd be just another regret. You tell me to trust you and quit holding back, but I'm trying to heal, not shatter the parts that's intact.

You think that doors open just for you to walk through.
But some open doors aren't meant to pursue.
You get in where you fit in, it's the motto you live.
You don't see that the real you is all I needed you to give.

When I walked into a room you used to dance and sing.
You seemed comfortable with me to do your thing.
Now you dance and sing when I'm not around.
Is that fitting in or feeling restricted and bound?

I never meant for it to be this way.
It breaks my heart seeing us these days.
I told you that loving me is too hard to do,
But you wore rose colored glasses when our love was new.

You kept your eyes on me like I was all you could see.
Guess my beauty faded because now you don't even look at me.
I believed that you loved me and I know I love you.
We could've built on this love, something solid and true.

You think life's like a movie where you play the star role.
But the drama you need is chaos to my soul.
I knew you were fighting your rabbit blood just to stay.
Guess you'll be happy without me, forget our love when you're far away.

I only wanted you to stay if it's where you belong.
If you can't be you then you should just be gone.
Since you no longer find beauty in simple me Hurry and go, be happy and free!

Please listen and hear what I need to say.
I'm not trying to change you and I won't beg you to stay.
Since this day has come that we're no longer together,
Just go now please, because of you I almost Believed in forever.

#simplesue #healingjourney #domesticviolenceawareness #narcissisticabuseawareness
© Simple Sue