Deep fatigue rushing towards the heart

A blank sheet of paper forms a veil of fog
Transparent with no texture

Indistinct murmuring, a faint voice reverberating on the other side of the veil

Sweet serene music pulls me away moving hastily with rhytmic movements

In the dream a faceless grace reaches for my hand,
waves of sadness paints an artistic piece upon the horizon

Red moon
Clocked away from its own bloody body, the veil returns as my mind shatters the dreams structure

Pouring like a fountain it gushes down from the skies
changing colors with elegance

The woman appears from the fountains interior wearing a cloaked robe, why cant i see your face?

Show me what has been haunting my self conscious, perhaps you are a pretty lie that has been told in chapters for each dream you pull me in

I dont want the book to end with my curiosity bringing me on the brink of insanity.

Let me feel your heart and its narratives, or are you a pretty little lie, by your hands i wont feel a weakness and an endless sleep continuously guiding me to a lost cause.
Half love and half regret
© Ashy_