Shattered illusions
As the sun sets upon our love,
My heart aches for what once was,
Like the doomed lovers of old,
Our passion faded and dissolved.

Our love was a rose in bloom,
Fragrant and sweet, a sight to see,
But like petals falling from the stem,
Our love withered and ceased to be.

Our story, once a fairytale,
Full of romance and delight,
Now a tragedy of broken hearts,
Like Romeo and Juliet's fight.

I once held you like Lancelot,
Fierce and brave in your embrace,
But now you're like a fading star,
Gone without a trace.
We were like Cleopatra and Mark,
In love, but destined to part,
Our passion burning bright like fire,
But dying like a broken heart.

Our love story is now but a memory,
A story told in ancient lore,
Of a love that burned bright and true,
But faded like a flower on the floor.
© Avinash David