Whispers of the Heart
Amidst the noise, I'm lost in thought,
A heart that's heavy, emotions fraught.
Tears hover close, yet refuse to fall,
In this maze of feelings, I can't grasp at all.

I'm starving for peace, but can't swallow a bite,
Craving sleep's escape from the endless night.
I yearn to reach out, spill my heart to a friend,
But something holds back, keeps me silent till the end.

My chest aches with a hurt I can't express,
I want to cry out, but my voice is suppressed.
Caught between too much and an empty void,
Where every emotion feels null and void.

I feel unwanted, I feel useless,
A burden to everyone, feelings ruthless.
Like a placeholder, till I'm not needed anymore,
Struggling to find what my life is for.

My worth feels diminished, I don't belong,
Yet I keep fighting to prove that notion wrong.
I pour out my soul, try to give them my all,
But it's never enough; I always fall.

In this whirlwind of doubt, where I constantly dwell,
It's a cycle of pain, a personal hell.
Wouldn't it be better if I disappeared for good,
Fading away, if only I could?

So here I am, sharing my inner fight,
Hoping it resonates through the dark night.
We're all in this together, though it's hard to see,
In this shared struggle, you're not alone – it's not just me.
© Lily Grace