yolked up
'Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God.
my memory verse that i took to heart
took a look at
shooked apart
cooked and sook that
til i could be withstood a part
what good is my art
if cant be mixed with
what from is
its not mixed if
the combined yolk is His
both His kids
both got biz
both got wiz
but for some reason wont ean see it
vision dont get cleared
its too much smoke in here
but be speaking from the womb
mind rocked cause mama cartooned
her life so now my life's doomed
i see catacombs and tombs
from way back up in egypt
back when my first son was the eclipse
i wrote my first script
didnt need to rehearse it
eye with the chrome clipped
eulogyliptically sent you home
when i slipped it
might've been avengically sent here
to blow things clear
with these wings hear Thee
when you hear me...