Loving You Took
Loving you took something human out of me
I gave my heart, my soul, my all, for free
But now I'm left empty, missing a piece
For you were my downfall, my love, my disease
I used to feel emotions, raw and real
But with you, love became a twisted deal
You took my vulnerability, my trust
Leaving me hardened, broken, and just
I used to cry, I used to laugh
But now my tears have dried, my smile is a mask
No longer do I feel the highs and lows
For loving you stripped me of my highs and lows
I was once open, unafraid to feel
But you taught me to guard, to never reveal
All the pain and hurt that you caused
Left me numb, with no feeling, no pause
My heart used to flutter, my stomach in knots
But now it's just hollow, no longer a lot
For loving you drained me, left me bare
No longer human, just a shell, a mere
But even though you took something human out of me
I know I'll heal, I'll rise and be free
For your toxic love can no longer hold
This broken heart, this wounded soul
So I'll learn to love again, to feel
And with time, my scars will surely heal
For loving you may have taken something away
But I'll find myself, and once again, be okay.
© cynfully