I know I love you,
I know you'll be true,
What I do not know,
Is why I keep doubting you.

I know you love me,
I know we will be
Together for life
And beyond, hopefully.

Why do I resist,
Why do I insist
On playing the fool,
Letting ignorance persist?

How can I not learn,
How can I not turn
Away from myself,
And your character discern?

I know I'll screw up,
It's not a toss up,
It won't be you, dear
Who'll leave a mess to clean up.

But I hope I die
Knowing that I tried
To give you my best,
All the love I can provide.

I wrote this letter,
I'll break the fetter
Of doubt and anger.
I promise I'll be better.

© P.M. Turner