The path
Rust love would never show,
it always seems like a whole smooth of years it existed
You will see with the cracks on their faces at a bar with some beer and peanuts
While on the other side she's drowning herself of the counter in the bar
How many years has it been they would ask themselves
I slap him here
I slap her there
still remains that continues number of how many years has it been
We meet while in college and love was blooming ever since
We meet while in secondary and ended up having a kid
Still counting how many years it's been,so we drink....
His thinking well she's pretty
She's thinking oh my is this finally my soulmate
Sips of beer go through,minds wondering around each other
"I'm sure my years are much more then yours"he says
"Well maybe mine a much worse then yours "she says
She says"Despite it all, the beers does get finished on the glasses,
Where to from here?"
He says"Back to where it all ended, after all there's much more then years to the reason why we were for one another
End of path...
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