The Tale of Hyakkimaru
The boy full of flaws,
Don't understand the people laws ,
Chasing hard after the hauls,
To get everything belongs to him that is not cause .

Everybody blames him for everything so hard,
But he never fails to draw his sword ,
He got pain and hatred from the people as an award,
He always trying to find a way to live like a chord .

Not everybody but he has one by his side,
Chasing after him unconditionally all the time,
Craving to touch and see the sky with his own eyes,
Dororo has reclaimed the acidity of soil with lime.

What a pitiful future his own father chooses for him,
Yet his persistence to become complete is like a spell of purim,
Some part healed and some part fall apart,
That's the journey of life that starts with laugh.


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