Dear men :
Stop being loyal to woman who keep sexing everyone and know everyone
She doesn’t love you
Well she loves what she can do for her
She loves the 💵 an benefits
unless y’all got it like that but for majority
If she friends with your friends an your friends an your girl have a good relationship BASKETBALL BUZZER SOUND EFFECT ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌
She will keep disrespecting you
Keep cheating on you
If she gets pregnant by another man that’s not you
Where is your dignity left in her 🐱 along with other men’s frosting
Her stomach is like a bed sheet
An you sleep in it thinking it’s washed
Then when the man is bad she want a god fearing man when she hasn’t been a god fearing woman
Check the Bible there is no marriage
But only when you defile your lover
Stop being loyal to someone who give you scraps or reasons to worry
Just no balance
A lion 🦁 will never walk with its food
© ⭐️Neptoon⭐️