base 32 encryption
take a shot
maybe just forget your thoughts
maybe you're forgetting God
there was maybe a point in time that you were never really lost
but that's just in the past now
get lazy just relax now
maybe let's relapse now
these demons might endow
just blow smoke right out the window
I hear yo
you hear me too.
I'm here for you
they call me enki
listen thats just what sinners do
you hit me like a kinda b*tch
sip it till your liquor sick
45 days you haven't broke the habit
stoked to the static
to cope or be a manic
gotta try to manag- sh*t!
been a few lives since I couldve handle it
gotta couple hundred lines that sound just like this
got the devil and his hounds coming In the form of a slit to the-

© rossdops