Enigma Farr
You wander through the haze of the veil
You seek and seaarch and ponderously wonder
The whisps of cold reality seem in soul duality
This puzzlesome trick of cruel banality
Ends the hope for magic with most cruel totality
The rainbow burns to light and water wapor
This is all a curious caper for you see my canny cunning faker
You cannot con the conmen can you?
You always knew or suspected
that this place had some secret undetected
That a cabal most unelected held you in its thrall?
You smelled the secret puzzle out
Without a phantom of a doubt you ludwig roustabout
Merely vapors in the shadows?
I dont think so blows those who knows
The Valley of the Shadow of the Skepit is walked slouching towards bethlem
Four humors mixed to phrenwtic astrological of llama phlegm
Your lycanthrom lunatic is now short one trick most witout a strategm
This I know, I think thereform I am
The rest is guesswork at best or entropic balan prison cursed
Of the two I take the first though I doubt not deeply its the worst.