I was always alone.

With everyone around me,

Still I was alone.

Pushing me through everything alone,

Lied to myself that everyone

Around me understood me.

But little did I knew

I was always meant to be alone.

What else can I expect

When living according to

Other's needs and if a problem arises

I need to blame myself and fate.

Love is not attachment,

It's a Bond that we create

Through a Compassionate Mindset.

Even though I've grown up,

There's little girl inside me

Who cries daily.

But its okay,

I consider it as Unhealed Inner Child.

However,still there is a Part of my Heart

Which still Hope

Someone will really take interest

In understanding me

And would be super comfortable around me.

So that I won't feel

Uncomfortable Loneliness anymore

But,Peaceful Solitude alone.
© 🐳Praveena🌌✨️