What you'd think
I don't think you understand,
The way I truly am
From what you see
You'd never get the perspective of the truest me
Cuz I really love to argue,
well atleast that's what you'd think
And I love a lier and a cheater
I like being put down to the lowest brink,
I really love to hurt,
I like to feel shame
I like to be the weakest link in evrybodys chain
,at least that's what you'd think
But I don't think you understand
I mean you are an outside man
You and me are not the same,
We play completely different games
It's actually kinda sad,
Because with an outside view I can see how you'd think
We are one of the same
Two peas in a pod,
But to me that's inane
We are of different elements
we are not the same

© Jada E. Clark