Make You Whole
‘Give me all the pieces of you

I'm willing to make it whole

For you, for us’


‘Show me the deep cuts

That took away all the best parts of you

And left you with nothing

but infinite hurts’

‘Share with me the darkest secrets

That takes away the light in your eyes

And blinds you with deceitful lies’

‘Take me on a trip to the dire past

Where you ripped every piece of your heart

And swore never to find peace until you breath your last’

But, I assure you

I'm willing to heal with you, because

I can see the pain in your eyes

I know you want to try

Yet you fear that you've nothing but a ripped apart heart

No need to be scared

Just believe me when I say

“My heart is ready to share

and make you whole again'

~ Nusrah 💎

© nusrah_writes