I crave touch.
It's been so long since my mind
has been stripped naked
and caressed with words
that arouse mental desire.

Mind erect,
baptize me with your knowledge
so that I'm wet and open
for perfect prose of penetration.

Don't be shallow.
Give me deep strokes of
verbal intercourse that hits
my g-spot on the way.
That Grown spot.
The one no child's play
can bring to orgasmic fulfillment.

You see, it's so easy to touch
my body and make it shiver,
but to touch my mind
and create tremors
that resonate with me
long after dialogue has ended
is the ultimate challenge,
because I crave touch.

Not physical, but intellectual.
A higher level of
conversational intimacy
that leaves me thirsty for more.
So touch me,
turn my brain on and give me
the best climax of my life.

© King.Canvas