There Are Only a Few Moments
There are only a few moments
Left unturned before that heartless beast calls the sun to bed.
Oh, how much to do!
My, how much to see!
How much to plan, how much to begin, how much to end!
I’ll catch that cowardly sun on my fishing rod!
I’ll reel him in before he runs too far!
First I’ll find that rod.
But wait!
What could I use as bait?
I’ll catch a sunflower.
I can run down to that field
Be home in an hour!
That’s it, I’ll hook it right on the end.
Then the sun will be mine!
Shoot, well now I’ve come to find
I surely don’t have enough line.
It’s fine, I’ll just pluck each petal.
I’ll tie one to the next.
That should reach on my best guess.
But oh my!
How could I?
That slippery suns already left the sky!