Battenburg Cake
I'm not a fan.
Maybe it's the marzipan
or the pink sponge
that puts me off a bit,
but what's worse is
you'd know it
if you ever bothered to listen.
Another useless gift,
did you have it left over?
Expect me to lift
it up and ooze delight?
Oh alright,
I fain a suitable reply
whilst thinking why
oh why did you get me this?
Just another Battenburg cake
another thank you to fake
when all the time
I'm wondering in my mind
f.f.s. don't you know me by now?
After so long
how can you get it so wrong
and do you even listen at all?
The cake has hit the wall
as I think silently
how many more useless gifts
will you give to me?
And politeness says smile
but all the while
I want to shove cake in your face
tell you you're a disgrace
for not putting in the effort,
for not listening and knowing
for never changing
for not growing
and always getting Battenburgs
I'm out of kind words.
YOU SUCK big time,
and further down the line
I hope you keep getting pie
yeah you guessed it...Key lime
as that's your Battenburg cake
Christmas, New Year
Birthdays ... let's see my dear
how long it will take
for you to get the idea.
STOP buying rubbish
and passing it off as thought,
OUT! you've been caught
so get off the field
and take your lousy cake too
do as I say
or have done unto you!

© .Garry Saunders