One life after all
Meet me in the middle,
With an open mind,
Set aside differences,
We're the same kind...

Ain't it funny, you were looking for assist
now we're over, and I'm the one you miss
Don't misunderstand, we shared laughter and cheer,
Those moments endure, proof our bond was sincere.

Yet, things have shifted, it's evident to see,
I don't yearn for you, but I ponder what could be.
Maybe it's the shifts or the paths we've walked,
But our love transformed, and it left me shocked.

It won't be the same
I don't miss you, see it as a gain
didn't like the speed goodbye
continuously looking back, and asking myself why

Now months have passed
clarity is here
First, I thought I didn't like the rapid shift
Now I see it's actually the person I was with

I wasn't feeling well
Kept getting lost in myself
at that point I couldn't see
it wasn't right, how you treated me

Know you tried, and I believe
you were unaware how you handled me
if this finds you, know I forgive
we all grow as humans
try to be less selfish
Not every action finds its way back
the earlier that kicks in
you'll learn to love and truly give
Hope for you this thought will reach your soul
You have one life after all
© Jourme