My spirit is blue in this dark night I dive Into the depths of ocean to find you

My soul captivated
By the deep blue inside you
I breathe in
An ever soothing scent
As I lay on the sand
Hands locked
Gaze warm
Like the afternoon ocean

My fingers reach your eyes
I saw your nude pupils
Dilate to gaze my sky

I see deeper
That what meets the eye
I seem breathless
As I go deep into
Thine embrace
Hulk poet you steal my breath
As you lift me up
With strength
Of a thousand men

You are a feather
Floating in my arms
Care with love
I bring a moon on our roof

The glow of the ocean
Reflects upon
You're ever so tempting chest
Moon light coming
From your eyes
As you make my
Soul feel free
Like the ever so
Mighty whale
In the deep blue ocean

As we gaze
Into each other's eyes
We get lost
And find ourselves
In the depths
Of the deep blue ocean

A kiss on your forehead
I saw
The Letters in your eyeballs
My Fingers trails you
Illuminates your veins in dark

A trail you leave behind
That brings a fire to life
Slowly I feel
Your essence mix with mine
Right before
It explodes into
A beautiful lights

Lips smothering your cheeks
As palms gripped on your wings

As your palms grip my wings
I feel them grow
And off into the skies we go
Get ready for
The second phase
But sadly
The sun rises
So that's a tale
For another day 🤍