Nightmares part 2
My mind replays the fateful scene,
Fire blazing, smoky and mean.
I still feel the heat, I still hear the sound,
Of flames tearing everything around.

In the still of night, when all is calm,
The nightmares come, the memories swarm.
My mind's eye sees the fire's rage,
And I'm trapped again in that fiery cage.

The smell of smoke, the heat and fear,
My heart races and my dreams are so clear.
I wake up sweating, heart beating fast,
Terror grips me, this nightmare lasts.

The fire may be over, but the pain won't fade,
Memories haunt me day by day.
But with each morning, I'll try again,
To face my fears and start to mend.

I'll take it one day at a time,
To heal and find peace for my mind,
And though the nightmares may never cease,
I'll find the strength to live in peace.

© Ariella Adams