Neural Reflection
Digging through my brain, I project through layers of dimensional densities, where the boundaries between thought and existence meld.

A tri-dimensional neural communication grid aligns, breathing essence into the fabric of time. Metaphysical reflections of the sun ignite layers of ether, stirring ancient vibrations.

Gazing upon a sea of streaming stars, I stand between two powerful currents that nurture both beginnings and endings. I extend my limits through eternity, dreaming of breaking free, traveling through dimensions, drawing energy from the depths of my core. The surface of the serpent filters fractal stimulations, swirling within the ever-shifting fabric of time.

I become a focal point where realities cross. From the depths of my perception, time begins to pour forth, transforming endless nothing into ticking seconds and unfolding eras.

Collecting calculated shards of imagination, my perceptions pierce the innermost realms of perceived frequencies. I observe the twisting thought spheres in the silent warmth of relation, recycled memories raining down to connect networks across aging timelines and parallel probabilities, all absorbed into the depths of the dream.

I dip into the nether, retrieving ancient vibrations. Pockets of energy collapse into multidimensional sandcastles, breathing a biological matrix into existence, where synapses spark with the energy of a thousand stars. Dormant wizards awaken, their spells crafted from the scribbles of mathematical symbols, hypnotically binding awareness to droplets of the eternal void.

Surrounded by a blizzard of static dust, each particle a distinct microcosm giving rise to alternate dimensions in the recesses of imagination. At the edge of comprehension, where different dimensions converge, I glimpse manifold layers of all existence in the silence where stars are destroyed.

As quantum motion unfolds, my conscious pulse synchronizes with the treasures of the heavens. Standing as a giant within a sea of streaming stars, embers of what used to be spiral on the breath of eons, where the finite and the infinite meet.

All within the confines of my mind.

© LargeMad