I'm like that moon,

Shining out brightly,

Not because I'm happy always,

But because of the aura I possess within myself.

People may ignore me in the daylight,

But will be jealous of my luminosity,

Even during the Darkness.

How much ever they try to reach me,

There will always be a dark side of me,

Which will be unreachable for you.

They say I shine so brightly,

Even though I dwell within these clouds,

What to say?

Simply that's how I wish to live,

Burning the eyes of my enemies,

With my contagious luminosity.

I'll continue to be like this,

Cause I got the knack of living,

Each and every day,

Even if you don't see me,

I'm there smiling through the clouds always,

So even if I rain,

In the end I always shine.
© 🐳Praveena🌌✨️