Trees of the Cracks
I saw an old mansion
abiding in an odd fashion,
with cracks adorning gloriously
and trees taking over hilariously.
Seeing this made me laugh
controlling it was tough,
trailing me heard a roar
turned to see an old man in furore.
He demanded to know the reason
why was I mocking,
it was shocking
as he felt I did a sort of treason.
Mentioning about his abode
he was in an exploding mode,
I thought of giving a reply
but it wasn't worth a try.
Suddenly heard a hushing voice
or was it a random noice?
once again looked upward
saw the trees bend downward.
They were the ones that chattered
they said in a whisper,
let's break out and prosper
and to them that's all that mattered.
The old man continued to blabber
as the voice of trees begin to disappear,
I tried to make amends
I said, Sorry let's be friends.
He would rather see me dead
Instantly, a crow shit on his head,
It was on the trees of the cracks
and so in a way to relax,
caw cawed three times
as if in his primes,
the old man ran towards it
with his mouth to emit,
explicit words I can't express
I started laughing nevertheless.
© Debojyoti Bhattacharya