Fly High, Fall Hard, Walk On (Remastered)
Here I lay in my cold bed,
cracked heart bleeding red.
Though my eyes remain dry,
they still search for the light.

Heavily asleep during the day,
I ask the gray sun to stay.
But it sets just to spite,
now haunting the night.

Stars illuminate the sky,
while carcasses underlie.
My dreams keep me in wake,
a fake state of blissful ache.

A simple trigger every now and then,
shows a chain of bad memories again.
I had flown so high, fallen so, so hard.
My heartstrings burned and charred.

Some things now fogged, some clearer than before,
as I've done heretofore, I gather the strength to deplore.
I think back to the fallen ones, their remnants lie in me,
encouraging me to swim, they drowned comfortably.

Eased back to reality,
by a sense of vitality.
Nobody here will miss me,
but what if I collect the debris?

A monumental breakthrough,
a hope in my heart shines anew.
Enough of my life has passed me by,
it's once again time to spread my wings and fly.

Life breathed into me once more,
now rid of the dark veil I often wore.
The sunlight of the sunrise reaches my eyes,
my heartbeat streaked with colourful dyes.

I get out of bed with a vow,
grit my teeth and wipe my brow.
My fall had been foregone,
now its time to walk on.

© Mustafa Khan 2007