Moment of contemplation
What is it, that I seek,
in these whispers of my soul,
that would put my heart at ease,
letting me experience the bliss.

In the moment of silence,
in the melody of some music,
in the colors of some pictures,
or the scenic beauty of the landscape.
Be the meditative trance,
when I dive in spirituality
exploring the nature of life,
making sense of my reality.

To be attached to a lifestyle,
while being critical of its flaws,
having social or professional connections,
while being detached of them all.
Seeking the deeper connections,
while being cautious of the changes,
being practical in the approach,
while living in my dreams.

What it takes?
to create a balance,
just be content and happy,
while avoiding the monotonousity.
For, we all need stimulus,
a feeling of accomplishment,
someone to connect and share,
and keep on making memories.

I am just contemplating,
It's just one of those days,
listening some instrumentals,
staring at the blank space.
The ideal way of living,
that would suit my aesthetics,
I spread the wings of my imagination,
and enjoy this feeling...of nostalgia.

© Dr. Manish Rout