"Songs in Shattered Silence: A Heart's Unspoken Tale"
In the garden of echoes, her heart's refrain,
A melody of beauty, yet touched by pain.
Memories bloom, a delicate art,
Yet, beneath the petals, a wounded heart.

Daylight fades, as the heart succumbs,
Silent prayers uttered as night drums.
Wounds, a tapestry woven with care,
A haunting ache, an unanswered prayer.

Yet, in the ruins, a love persists,
Broken fragments, but the soul insists.
Nightly it weeps, a celestial plea,
Begging for mercy, to set it free.

Destined for hurt, a poignant verse,
Yet, in its brokenness, love does immerse.
A heart that endures, in silent cries,
A testament to strength, beneath the skies.
© _gottaloveruhii