Friendship So Rare
Dedicated to #Chigozie_Abeze_Joyce

Beautifully adorned with virtue
Gracefully ordained to rescue
Unmatched charity you portray
Unequal charisma you proclaim
She never used her disability as a liability
Those with stability never had the ability nor humility

Whenever I fell into despair, she's always there to repair
A friendship that needs no blood to bond
However it took me a while to detect, that she's an angel in disguise
Now I have to declare so that I won't have to lose-guard
Little wonder, no one can part us asunder
Will always remember, never to surrender

So we say come what may
We'll never be dismayed
Normally, I will write to praise
Formally, I did write to raise
February is the month of love
Take this as a token of appreciation.

© Olayinka Timothy