( This is like a conversation between the thoughts of one. Some part of you wants to pretend and smile all the time, but you might forget that no matter how "hot" the tears are they can't turn into steam. One moment you will burst out crying, so I hope you understand the meaning of this poem.)

Ye you told me I better cover my bruise up.
Said people might get confused by the stain on my arm.

I know that it will reach their eyes,
but I'm not scared or ashamed of my scars.

And if you think this tears me down,
darling I am beautiful no scar can take my charm.

And you say you know me well.
Think you got me covered up as well..

But if you think I'm scared,
wrong darling I'm not scared to cry, as you are.

I've seen you smile all the time,
and good job maybe you are my strong part.

But if you see the shadow down on the floor,
that is the only thing that has no face at all.

And if you think it follows around,
try and see if it is there in the dark.

And now I tell you what I mean,
an empty smile is just like this.

When the room is quiet, dark and you're alone,
the smile will fade as fast as the shadow of yours.

And the tears will be the ones by your side,
they will cool you down and make you feel light.

And when you're finally over with the tears,
they'll came to see you soon again.

When you reach your biggest dream,
the one that made those broken tears.

Yes, darling you are right.
These tears will be then happy and bright.

So bright that the shadow will come back,
and you will see yourself smile once again.

© All Rights Reserved Tigreb
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