An Anonymous Love For You Only
My love is only for you,
I'm mad just for you
Every single picture of you is my life support,
You might not even know,
Your lover follows you like your shadow,
I've left everything for you,
Walk after you with hope and love in your heart,
I am engrossed in my one-sided love,
Let me cover everything you say in my heart,
I have walked on such a path,
Where is my only one-sided love,
Where in your happiness is my happiness,
I can't tell you where is your place in my heart,
Hoping to express it just once,
Even if you do not recognize me in this crowd,
Even if you can give me your love,
even if you don't like me,
But I am and will always be yours,
An anonymous place in oblivion,
An anonymous love of an anonymous lover will always be there for you only.
© confusioncreate