It's not the first time I saw you cry
I said "I'm here if you need me"
I was there for you the entire time
You asked me if we could fly away from the city
And let your problems be washed away

I got so scared when you try to love me
It felt so good when youre here beside me
I never knew you were damn good about us
It took me a million years to realize
That this love aint the reason why im still alive

Oh, you carved the hole even if its bleeding
The pain you gave left my heart wondered
I dont know why my heart still beating
All I know its already buried
Can I ask you one more thing
Please feel my warmth before I let you go

I asked you to stay for a minute
Youre afraid someone might caught us
I dont know if I believe if there still "us"
Tears falling through my glistening skin

I whisper on your lips.
Tears are flooding.
Hearts are crumbling.
Reality is coming.

I may not be your first but I love you most.
She might be yours but not for long.
You were his day.
I was his night.

As the poet says,
"Fuck it, i love you."

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