I'm I politically incline? That I don't know..
Maybe I should check the level of my lies, to answer that, or how cunny I can be, with people,

Politics a is a game of illusion, with beautiful images of the state yet never come true, politics the hope of many yet, disappointment it brings at end,

Politics the game of absolute evil, with a king that knows not of his people, a game of thirst and hunger for power, a game of no brother, or sister,

Politics an inevitable phenomenon, embraced into a kingdom, it's begins at home, to the society, to the country and then to the entire world, a dirty game indeed, filled with greed,

Politics a game of destruction, a game that brings division, a game that subjugate, the pillars of its state, politics a game of multiple colors, of human minds,

Politics is gambling, and its player are never satisfying, politics a hope for the aged and infant, yet it showers them with bullet,

Politics is what we ahbor, yet can't avoid, the food we detest, yet can't forget it taste, everyone is corrupt, everyone is in the dirty game of politics,

Politics darkens the mind, it bring tears to others, Politics is evil, yet the foundation to some relationship, politics is corrupt yet it saves souls,

Politics isn't injustice, politics is equality, politics isn't about accumulation, but about even distribution, politics is tired, politics is sick....

© Aniedi Victor David