the embodiment of love
I'm a potent power that grows and alters endlessly.
So you'll never get the same form of me.
And that mindset seems to agitate my enemies,
My authenticity sets off their insecurities.
But I'd rather kill their demons with my kindness.
Even when they see it as inferiority.
I rather shed my light; be open-minded.
Than brew in pride and anger that corrupts my soul.
I can cure you whole,
For I, too, used to be blinded.
I find that hate is a poison,
And love's the remedy.
And it's found within my heart;
It spills into my veins.
And passion fills up in my mind and thoughts,
Until it pours out of me like rain.
We live in a lovesick world,
With plenty of fragmented patients.
If words be power,
I just want to give the love that'll ease its pain.
© bluebliss