Life Is Fragile
I was thinking about breathing today.
The fragility of life.
It made me feel inferior
Infuriated Mind.

The old man doesn’t want to die
Yet the young man hates his life.
The mother aborts her baby girl
So the father takes his life.

My dearest friend was lost and broken
She committed suicide.
She cut too deep, she didn’t mean too,
She didn’t want to die.

But why do people play with death
As if we’ll never die?
Why do we try to escape the pain
With methods we disguise?

The mother lost her child at birth
while another gives it away.
She killed the life within her womb and goes about her day.

The father hates his only son
He kills him in a rage.
Children hate their parents because they feel they’re in a cage.

Their only trying to protect you son
The world is a messed up place.
You fear the gun when you go to school
Your life is just a race.

A race for time, a race for life.
Discover the unknown.
The only thing we can hope for
is that we never die alone.

© JustAnotherInkling🎨