Decipher this love.
We have now been in this tale for a while,
In which we shared Laughers and smiles.
Little did I know that I’d fall this hard for you.
Looking back now, to all the things we went through.
You were always there for me when I was lost
Our connection is out of this world, like a gentle ghost
Unbroken, my feelings will remain strong,
Mornings are filled with joy, seeing your sunlit face
Afternoons, filled with ambitions after the day’s race.
Reminiscing those magical night, forever engraved
Reality by your side is what I crave
You’re the only one my heart solemnly desires
Midnight stars forever shining, hearts spewing fires.
Everything that i wish, is hidden in words as poetry.

© L.B Rheaven

Can the hidden sentence be seen at all?
I wrote it for someone very special to me, and would like them to see my intentions behind this piece.