A symbol
An identity
For every person
Place, emotions
By telling like this
Time not sufficient
If we want to identify
A person things belong to education,
living place, and emotions
We can identify
By their symbol I'd card
A symbol for living place govt aadhar card
A symbol for emotions is various
We can show different emotions without talking to others
By our face expressions
Face expressions
Is our identity symbol
For our emotions
Even whether if one person belongs to
Particular country or not
We can identify by his govt identity symbol

Even money is a symbol 💰
Without symbol for money 💰
We don't know how much we spend money
And how much we have to save money
A symbol for the money
Is the cost of the money 💰
A symbol is not only a symbol
It's all our identity
Without identity symbol
There will be no identity for anything in the world