Lost Soul
In the abyss of endless night,
A lost soul wanders, devoid of light.
Haunted by shards of shattered dreams,
Searching for solace in silent screams.

A soul adrift, like a leaf on the breeze,
Drifting through shadows, never at ease.
For within its core, a fire once burned,
But now a smoldering ember, overturned.

A vestige of hope, a forgotten spark,
Buried beneath the cruelty of the dark.
With every step, an echo of pain,
An overwhelming sorrow that echoes its name.

The lost soul craves a glimpse of grace,
A salvaging touch, a lover's embrace.
Yet it wanders, condemned to roam,
In this desolate realm it calls home.

Tormented by the ghosts of past mistakes,
Haunted by regrets, its heart aches.
It yearns for redemption, a chance to atone,
But forgiveness seems a distant tone.

In the depths of despair, it seeks release,
But the chains of remorse refuse to cease.
Through the labyrinth of sorrow it plods,
In search of redemption, whispering to the gods.

Oh, lost soul, let not despair define,
For within you lies a flicker, a sign.
Amidst the darkness, there's a glimmer of light,
A dormant strength to banish the night.

So let the wounds of the past be healed,
Let the soul be freed and the spirit revealed.
Embrace the scars, wear them with pride,
For within your brokenness, beauty resides.

And as the lost soul embraces its fate,
A symphony of redemption reverberates.
From the ashes, a phoenix shall rise,
A newfound purpose, a soul reprise.

For in the realm of darkness and despair,
The lost soul will find solace and repair.
With every step, it discovers its role,
Transforming into a once-lost soul.
© w.Castleman