When did this start ?
How did it begin ?
I try to fight my insecurities but I never seem to win
It started with my body and wishing I had a smaller tummy
Then my insecurities spread more lies that crept down to my thighs
Then all the way to my back
My insecurities screaming ,he will never love you with that
That wide muscular back that makes the dress not fit
The only way it could was if it were to split
The insecurities still can't get enough
Moving to an arm
There's too much hair,shaving won't do any harm?
I still don't react
I keep it to myself
Until I look in the mirror and the insecurities pop up again
Screaming louder
Don't send that pic,your arms are too fat
They make their way to my face
Trying to find every tiny mistake
My eyebrows are too light ,my eyelashes are too short,my lips are looking dry,your eyes look tried but eyeliner will lift them up
And yes that is right
The only insecurity I react on
I use makeup
© Thesaddneedpoet