All the glitter is mine
Better, you let me shine

Some things remain the same
And I have to take all the blame
The moments of my own life
May harm the others like knife

Hey, there is a deep down pain
Running through out all my vein
No, I can't stop it
Somehow, i like it
I am ok, is it legit?

There is only one way to define
Better, you let me shine

My flaws never stop me to grow
It's always the wrong mirror although
Some talks are like thorns
But my silence often warns

The sun rises and sets for me
Also, the stars hang on the tree
Yes, it's a bliss
Like a sweet kiss
So, let me cherish

I often find my life, a divine
Better, you let me shine

Does my smile kill you?
Do my tears ever chill you?
Everyone is such a hypocrite
So, I'm here to endlessly write

I know you're sick of my duality
So, my words protect my vitality
I'm good
Then, how you could
Relax, you should

Want me to break your spine?
Better, you let me shine

© Ruby
30 Dec 2022

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