never leave me
I know I'm not perfect
Not promising you perfection
But your love I'll accept
And love with affection
To answer those questions
Together direction
And all of your actions
With all my intentions

I promise to love you
And never to hurt you
I'll show I love you
It's all gon be you
I'll wipe up your tears
I'll give you my care
I'll hold you so dear
Embrace our affair
I'll take off those fear
Cuddles like the bear
In your eyes I'll stare
Hold your hands down the stair

I'll give you the happiness that you always deserve
You're more than an angel after you no reserve
I'll make you to smile
Go with you every mile
Night times I'll be there
Just me and you square
I'll treat you like an angel
Hold you deep in your shell
Be your umbrella your window
In the night time your shadow
I'll love who you're
Even still with your scar
Cause it's you that I love
I'll be deeply involve

I'll love you till the moonlight
In the darkness in the blue light
Be the reason you fight
Together we alright
Take this love to the height
Throw our wings in the flight
No reasons for plight
Just wanna make things right

Cause you deserve this
My angel my mhiz
I just wanna ease
Stay with you don't you miss
I just hope to please
Give you love as it is
So just promise to stay
Never leave me in the way

@prince milinyu