My Lonely Companion
My world seems to be changing again.
I don't really have a lot of free time I can spend
on chasing relations or even on friends,
because beginnings are generally the first step towards the end.

My newest companion, I must confess,
is an ever-present feeling of loneliness.
It never leaves me feeling abandoned or stressed.
It holds my hand firmly no matter the mess.

My new friend cant really have deep conversations.
There's no real support for my ego inflation.
And forget my self-care, it's now like its negation.
But it stays by my side still to my appreciation.

Lonliness isn't really the worst friend to have.
When I talk to myself I tend to bust out with a laugh.
Solitare is the game we prefer with our lacking staff.
Though to the rest of the world it would look like a gaffe.

When I ache for the warmth of a love in my bed,
I no longer find myself silently filling with dread.
I focus on my loneliness for company instead,
and my longing gets lost in the storm swirling through my head.

© The Moonlight Bard

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